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Martz Beatz (born April 30, 1984) is a hip hop recording artist, record producer, songwriter and rapper from the city of Sofia, Bulgaria. His music production career began in 2007, as a self-taught beat maker. He is a co-owner in Hiroll Records studio. Martz catalog features collaborations with artists like: Bunta, DenYo, D3MO, Venn, IMP, Martyo, Nesi Nelson, Pavell & Venci, Mihaela Fileva and lots more. 
 His signature sound has been widely recognized as innovative, mature and abstract. Martz co-founded BG Beatmakers as a Facebook community in 2012, which went on to become a nationwide network yielding dozens of collaborations across Bulgaria. He was instrumental in creating Beat Dealerz, Bulgaria’s first compilation of beats featuring numerous artists. 
 Martz also launched GottaBlaze Records alongside prolific artists BUNTA, Martyo, Grizzly and RichBoy in 2012. He began to experiment as a rapper on some of his productions in 2014, releasing his first single “Hunta” as a collaboration with BUNTA. The 2015 release 31 was a mixtape featuring thirty-one new songs and remixes produced by Martz Beatz. His 2016 singles “Razmah” was followed in the same year with “Ako ti dam vsichko”, a song co-written with and featuring Mihaela Fileva and Pavel & Venci Venc, on the album SeTaaBrat, and later in Mihaela’s new album. 
 Martz Beatz put out his first solo album "Zenith", which was released worldwide in February 2018. His second album "35", was released in April 2020.