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Jan David is a guitar player and composer based in Mannheim - Germany. 
 Jan studied jazz guitar at the music conservatory of Mannheim from 2007-2011. Releasing his first Jazz/Fusion album „Sunlight Fugitive“ in 2015 (Thorsten Rheinschmidt - Drums, Alex Merzkirch - Bass, Paul Stoltze - Sax, Janis Hug - Trumpet), lately Jans voice is leading more into different types of directions. His genre zip code tends to go from Pop/Rock/Prog to Jazz, producing mostly instrumental tracks that just feel good to him. Jan's recent EP "Alps" just got released and features players like GR3ADY, Christoph Schnell, Johannes Zeiss and Thorsten Rheinschmidt. 
 Being one half of the new born group Milchbart, the band focuses more on straight up instrumental, alternative rock and releases their first EP in Dec. 2020.