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Imagine a musical fusion of early Californian pop-rock and pop-cultural musical references ranging from 70’s to early 2000’s. Imagine great summer night vibes, a cold drink, an eclectic party, a sweaty concert. Imagine losing yourself in beats, in vibes, in music. With all the great tunes written by history, with all the historical references of pop culture still alive in 2019, CHEAK! tries to collect, to re-interpret and to re-compose what pop could mean for a human being in modern day society. From parties, dancing, drinking and drugs to trying out different identities, playfully discovering what life can offer, from adventures and travels to friendship and love, CHEAK! is creating its very own definition of pop and indie music. In its path to creation, CHEAK! took 2 years to work on the sound, to find the style and to master the craft of writing indie-pop, cultivating not only the music, but also the art of living it. While the foundation of the group lies in the search for its very own indie-pop sound, the collective is always striving to find new soundscapes, daring to pick up what is brand new, trending and innovating, all while profiting of the large pool of influencing sounds ranging from old-school funk and blues up to subtle elements of disco and dance hall. New single "Like That" out on December 13th.