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Dear Valued Listener, Here at Muscle Vest Inc. our goal is to serve you, and all our customers, until we expire from sheer exhaustion. We are completely committed to our mission to provide hassle-free, easy to access, and cost-effective riff-based solutions. That's why we grant our employees just three days a year to go home, see their families, and experience the outside world. For the other 362 days the team is hard at work providing the service you know and love. They do not rest, nor do they slumber. They sleep in shifts and rehearse on a constant rotation until all is sound and noise and reckless fury. Days blur into weeks and weeks into months until time is not but the space between two notes. It contracts and expands seemingly at random until seconds feel like hours and years feel like days. After years of careful planning, meetings, standups, walk-and-talks, conferences, networking events, team building workshops, strategy away days, focus groups, HR surveys, monthly, quarterly, and annual reviews, self assessments, and roadmapping seminars we are proud to bring you this: our product. We do not wish for payment, as our staff does not wish for food, or the feeling of humanity they remember once having. They are safe now, WE are safe now. We are a family here. We work hard, we play hard. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE CRAZY TO WORK HERE, BUT IT HELPS. Kind Regards, M. Vest CEO