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Alternative indie artist Adyn Townes is continuing the slow burn lead-up to his full length album with his newest EP In Frames 2B. This 4-song EP explores the unique stories and relationships that exist behind closed doors—or open windows—of each unit in an apartment.

“We often only see glimpses into other people’s lives through the windows we pass on the street and it was these stories that inspired In Frames. I think before the pandemic, no one saw themselves in these moments—but from first loves to forever loves, our stories are more similar than they are different. This next chapter follows his most recent EP In Frames 1A (Oct 2020), culminating in a full-length album set for release late summer 2021. “The track is about someone that you would do literally anything for, without fully knowing why exactly it is that you feel that way. I think we all have someone like that in our lives.”  A 5x International Songwriting Competition finalist, 2020 ECMA nominee for Songwriter of the Year, and winner of the 2020 MNB award for SOCAN Song of the Year, Townes self- deprecating banter disarms any live audience and sets the stage for his beautiful and honest songwriting. Hailing from the east coast of Canada, where storytelling is rich, Townes' unique voice and heartfelt lyrics help him stand out from the crowd. High energy, but intimate. Beautiful, and clever.