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Our world is more and more uncertain presently as one truth undoes another, as some contest strongly against science and as our actual way of life puts our own survival in question. Is it too late? Is there some hope left? With our reality crumbling rapidly, there is still, at its core, the human being at its most simple meaning with its desire to be enchanted again. Faith in humanity, with its creative energy and its guiding light, is still a priority to ensure our survival. In The Forest represents the voyage from these questions and is the central theme of our presentation. In this forest resides an immersive path to other dimensions, the meeting of self and the other and the probability to come to your own conclusions where nothing is all black or white. A voyage to the center of humanity, its ego, its objectives, and its unadulterated strength Crystal Faith is: Erik Simard : Guitar Pat Lord: Vocal Sandy Tarczali: Bass Mario DiBlasio: Drum