Fish and Scale


  1. 1.
    You Can Call Me Love
  2. 2.
    Love Song
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
    Inner Child
  5. 5.
    Shadow Man
Fish And Scale aka Roland Wälzlein is a unique German artist who has a growing and dedicated fan base.
He is attracting attention all over the world.  
“My favorite independent folk artist."  
Journalist and Emmy Award winner Michele Gillen. USA 
"I truly begotten that music is the voice of nature. Fish & Scale is at the very epicentre of that voice." Chas Burns, Actor, Writer. England.
“People who hear his music are touched.”
Lana Read, film director, USA
He also provides the movie sound track for “Key Lime Voodoo” (Amazon Prime.)
What makes Fish and Scale so unique?
Growing up in Franconia (a south part of Germany), as a six year old child he survived a serious heart operation. This life and death experience stayed with him all his life.  Existentialist questions are reflected throughout his lyrics.  
A turning point was his first stay in a “silent retreat”.  "That completely changed my understanding of life and what "is." 
Ultimately, he sums up these experiences in all his songs.
He describes his music as Independent Folk Music with a mysterious touch.
It differs from conventional "folk music" in many aspects.  Be it the intense voice, some say you can discover a Mick Jagger coloring, as well as the often unusual song structure, which wonderfully underlines the created mood of depth and authenticity. Something can happen when you listen to his music and there begins the mystery.


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