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HIPPIE TRIM would rather describe themselves as a boy band than fuel prejudices against their music with too many genre-typical descriptions. Nevertheless, the band did their best to provide a description of their sound but it's one far away from genres: “Lots of flanger, phaser, dreamy passages paired-up catchy riffs, fiery leads and a good pinch of melancholy." If you want so, their sound can be categorized as a mix of hardcore, (dream) pop, grunge, shoegaze, emo and punk. 
 HIPPIE TRIM are not trying to meet anyone’s expectations by trying to look or sound like someone else. They are preserving themselves the right to exclusively do what they like and that's what makes them recognizable at any time - although in the output the influences, creativity and madness might melt into one another. But is it okay to categorize HIPPIE TRIM? Of course, do whatever you want – this is what it’s all about!