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Dimitris Nezis was born and raised in Athens. By the age of 17 he started his studies in vocals and music theory in National Conservatory of Athens & Fame Studio of Ant1 that finally brought him to have studied Music performance & recording in University of West London in 2015. His talent made him cooperate with famous singers of Greece like Yiannis Ploutarxos, Lavrentis Maxairitsas, Julie Massino, Kalomira. Since 2011 he has released 20 singles & 2 albums, that have reached thousands of views & streams on youtube & digital platforms. His debut english song "OUT OF ME", written by DJ TREVI and him, is released in late 2020 & was discriminated as the 6th BEST POP SONG out of 700 nominations in WORLD SONG WRITING AWARDS 2020. The Helives & DJ Crazy ant remixes become popular on playlists worldwide. He mingles with Radio presentation as long as he broadcasts 2 shows in the web and fm radios WW. In January 2021 he releases his latest greek single "Osa lahtarisa" from Spicy music Greece. On Feb 2021,2 more remixes of "Out of me" from Gwalla and french DJ SAM'M, and his upcoming singles, written by swiss DJ-Chart is already a "talk of town". In April 2021 his gets 6 nominations for "INTERNATIONAL SINGER SONGWRITERS ASSOCIATION AWARDS 2021" awards for : Best Male vocalist of the year, Best rising star of the year, Best album of the year for "Remixed & Unreleased". Best song of the year for "Out of me", Best male songwriter of the year & Best male emerging artist of the year.