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“When I discovered love in all it’s consequences, I was instantly smashed into hundreds of tiny fragments. I think I’ll spend this life trying to gather them all”. It’s been five years since Folk-Rocker Christopher Samuel suddenly left Ireland. A budding singer-songwriter beginning to sell out intimate shows across Ireland, the UK & Europe, supporting established artists and gaining modest acclaim for his delicate yet dramatic performances and recordings; the potential was there; but he was crumbling under the weight of something else; something not yet mended. The songs were an attempt at catharsis, but they couldn’t really heal the wounds that were sung about. 

He had to find his way out of the darkness he’d become acclimated to; had to believe there was light up there, even if it could not yet be seen. He uprooted and wandered across the ocean, adopting one simple principle. The world is only as bright as the light within yourself. A radical transformation occurred, along with a new spark of inspiration. Drawing comparisons to artists like Bon Iver, Paper Kites & Fleet Foxes, the collection of songs to come in 2020 are a journal of poignant discovery. Blending moments of delicate vulnerability with soaring, crescendoing certainty, each track represents a significant & relatable emotional journey. They are a testament to the knowledge that there is purpose and beauty in just about everything; that there is always light to be found, if you look for it.