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Ebb...rhymes with ‘web.’ Although, we DO frequently get called simply by the letters; E,B,B....which is funny....but wrong. We were once also called ‘EEB.’...also funny...but definitely wrong.

:) We are a 6-piece group of musicians from all over the place. Through some years and some seriously interesting experiences, we’ve found ourselves living together at The Lodge Arts Collective in Scotland where we write, rehearse and record our music for all of you beautiful people. Many of you have followed us in our various musical guises spawning over the last 2 decades...but lots of you are just learning about us and you’re DEFINITELY welcome into our corner of the musical world; where we make the music that moves US and hope that it moves you too! We are all massive music fans and it has shown in the evolution of our sound since we all started playing together in 2013, but last year, we really found our hearts and souls settled comfortably in Prog...and that’s where our story actually begins. Our music is the soundtrack to the life of Krystal Svava, a normal girl, living a normal girl’s life. Krystal has an awakening of sorts in 2019, when an intense event leaves her questioning