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We're that Pop Punk, Easy-Core sound you forgot you craved! We started back in January of 2016 (New Year, Next Attempt) & have been dealing with the aftermath ever since. From Downtown//Southside Louisville, Kentucky; We write songs about everything life has to offer like Monday-Sunday hangovers, 9-5 jobs that beat us down, & the depression and anxiety that comes with it all. 
 Our debut EP "Just Between Us" is a stereotypical Pop Punk EP with our childish natures wrapped up in 6 songs reminding us how weird growing up as a teen really was. 
 Our full length record "Red Flags" that dropped two weeks before 2020, goes into more of the personal things we've had to endure from watching our friends pass away too soon, being between jobs, living in cars, drug abuse, harsh break-ups, & other unsavory thoughts and experiences that life has brought us.