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Tod Almond a Solo Artist /Singer Songwriter born in Boston UK writes and records songs about real events from his journey through life and the will to move forward. His work is bold and creative - drawing inspiration from the influences of Punk and Classic Rock to produce a sound that compliments both but belongs to neither! Tod's original songs, showcase his skilful songwriting sensibilities through gritty, immersive progressions with bright lyricism and brilliant vocal deliveries - culminating in an auditory experience that feels both familiarly endearing and completely unique. Creating melodies that easily embeds in your memory so that you quickly find yourself humming along before you have grasped the lyrics, which have a strong story telling quality with a fresh feel to it. Although hearing similarities with sounds from the past, each song has a true individual thread that gives it that newness. Tod has created his very own emotional way of playing. Feeling and touching the hearts & souls with a creative style and sound unique to only himself. Capturing everyday emotions we all feel, then expressing them feelings through his music. From beginning to end the album is telling his story. All this put together adds up to one really capturing, catchy piece of art. Great uplifting Summer time music experience.