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Goose Chase noun. a wild search for something nonexistent or unobtainable 
 Born from all across the country - from the South East to the North West - but culminating in Leeds, Goose Chase are an overdriven, energetic post-punk band combing the hard and fast sounds of classic punk with the catchy melodies and lyrics of the huge indie scene. Let their songs take you on a trip through the eyes of how an independent youth sees the ins and outs of modern life. Meeting through university and with a shared passion for politics and music, this 5-piece boasts a powerful arsenal of tunes to get up and get down to. 
“Their music is for the common citizen, frustrated with the state of the country at the moment. This is a band pushing themselves through the door and we should take notice before they hit the big time.” - A&R Factory 
 “Endearingly obnoxious” - Spotlight