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I was born in Iowa but have lived primarily in the southern United States (currently in Alabama). I am focused on contemporary art music. I have paid most attention to jazz, postmodernist, and eastern music. I have also focused on ambient, electronic, hip-hop/rap, blues, bluegrass, rock, and general Americana music. My listening spectrum is broad and I am striving to further hone my own style. I have been playing and studying music for almost 30 years and have recently started to publish works. I am predominantly concerned with composition. My primary instrument is the piano, but mainly as a vehicle for composition. I think of my current work as manifestations of dreams. It is abstract. So, as a listener, you are able to dream my dreams! I think of this art as a way of making connections in the listener's mind. These connections may be familiar or completely foreign. They may be preconceived or they may be completely new. They may be completely dissonant and weak or as clear as a resolved sadness. Therefore, my work is generally in the realm of emotion, the abstract, and the unconscious (collective or otherwise). The work is, for the most part, spontaneous, and it is an expression of my self.