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Office Clerk by day and Singer-Songwriter by night, this musician blends Shoegaze, Madchester, & Progressive Rock into a unique mix. Considers The Verve, Pink Floyd, & INXS significant influences. Born in Columbia, MO, on August 13th, 1997, he moves often around Mid-Missouri, discovering his connection to music around the age of fourteen when he learned music theory by producing music through LMMS & Audacity and releasing the songs on YouTube. As Austin composed more songs, his knowledge and skills grew. He’d spend hours listening to albums like Loveless, The Stone Roses, & The Dark Side of the Moon. Undeterred by the Covid-era, Austin Findley continues to share experiences with fans who love Indie Rock.

He’s focused on making the single Golconda a hit with lovers in a relationship during the pandemic. Golconda features soulful guitars, energetic instrumentals, and erotic lyrics for people who watch adult entertainment. The piece is humorous and not to be taken seriously. Outside of music, Austin Findley enjoys playing video games, reading, and exercise. He believes Dr. Pepper is the best soft drink and sharp cheddar cheese with creamy peanut butter is great any day of the week. He's currently watching WandaVision on Disney+ & loving every minute of it! For musicians wanting song placement, he also curates a playlist called Vibe Like No Other. It's a collection of songs that go well with Golconda and is updated every week.