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For Blufeld electronic music is the pulse of life. Evocative of all genres, yet guided by a set of dynamics and instrumentation very much of its own unique identity, it breathes a type of emotion to a degree that can only be reached via the imaginative use of synthesizer and drum. 
 Blufeld has been captivated and completely mesmerized into a 3 dimensional world of sound, and endeavours to maximize all levels of the sonic and emotional spectrum so as to reach and tug at the heartstrings of people who love electronic music. 
 Blufeld is a craftsman with a deep sense of care and love for the output and quality of his productions; a producer who works solo to use sound and imagination to output everything thats inside his heart and mind to create some of the most complex and deepest emotive tracks in progressive trance music. 
 Blufeld has become widely renowned for his luscious sound design filled with ethereal melodic ambience and mysterious progressive vibes, he has key releases and remixes signed to labels such as the legendary 'Bonzai Progressive',

'Green Martian', ‘PHW Elements’ & ‘Addictive Sounds’