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Adama Heyden Bangura, known as Heyden Adama is a Sierra Leonean American musician, actress, and model. She began her career in Sierra Leone in 2011 when she released her first single "Fitin gbet" for which she was nominated an SLMTV awards for best new artist in 2012 and went on to release hit singles "Love is blind" "grenade" "You and I" and more. In 2013 Heyden moved to Freetown to work on an album where she signed with local label Boxx Productions under which she released the national hit single 'Nobody' that reined number one for the whole year. The song was also used for the presidential campaign where the slogan 'nobody nor go ever take earnest en place', and was the face of airtel billboards all over the country for that same whole year. 
 Heyden was nominated for best female artist In the 2014 AWOL Awards and performed for the president. After the release of another single 'Forgive me' Heyden split from the label and went back to the states where she got a lead role in an America-African TV series 'the African love'. 
 In early 2015 Heyden traveled to Lebanon where she stayed for 2 months singing at the Al Mandaloun. 
 The spirit of Heyden's music and message epitomizes the spirit of Black consciousness and has kept her in high places. In her hit single Fit in Gbet (meaning just perfect in her local Krio dialect), she takes us right into Lumley Beach, in the outskirt of Freetown Sierra Leone, showing her love for her culture and country.