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- “Joece [Pronounced: Joe-see]” is an Irish, Filipino-born, musician/producer. He is known for his lofi/indie pop songs with notable singles such as “Let's fly away.” His last EP was “Lonely in Tokyo” which was the first attempt in working in the lofi/alternative genre. - He is also known for his collaborations, working very close to artists “MFP” and “R.O.B.” His production can be heard in songs such as MFP’s “Not a Flex” and R.O.B’s “Dark365.” - Joece learned a few Digital Audio Workstations throughout the years. Starting with Garageband on his father’s Mac, then FL Studio and finally Ableton Live 10. On top of that, he has also been playing the piano since 2009 and has picked up other instruments along the way. - His Youtube channel boasts over 50,000 total views, Soundcloud with over 250,000 listens and ~1,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.