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Förnuft och Känsla was sprung out of the Gothenburg jazz scene in late 2018. Pianist Fabian Kallerdahl, bassist Alfred Lorinius and drummer Johan Birgenius, sporadicly had been playing as a trio before and now decided to form a steady group and record an album. Fabian, who for long has been one of the most sought for players in Sweden, is mainly known for his work with Musicmusicmusic and the record label HOOB. Alfred and Johan has for several years been playing with pianist Naoko Sakata and has been touring steadily with that trio, while at the same time working in bands like Farvel and Mikael Godée-Eve Beuvens Quartet. In their 2020 upcoming debut album, Förnuft och Känsla will present originals by all three members, as well as an homage to the late Charlie Haden, in form of his song Sandino. The music on tape is a result of one intense day in the studio, with few takes on each song, to keep the spirit and authenticity high.