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Laura is an independent artist, worship leader and songwriter. She lives in the west of Ireland with her family. She writes from a place of authenticity and vulnerability, juxtaposing beautiful moments of encounter with Jesus with the reality of spiritual and mental struggle. Her initial EP included a remix collaboration with Neon Feather, a renowned Christian EDM artist and producer, and is played on Christian radio worldwide. Laura’s second EP, “Songs for the Struggle” is a largely acoustic project, released through U.K. label Homegrown Worship, introducing a more stripped back, fragile sound. It was well received and the singles are played on Irish and U.K. Christian radio stations. Her upcoming EP, “Come Home - Songs for the Prodigal” will be released mid-2021, and has been recorded and produced over the winter lockdown, working remotely with producer Aron Bicskey. It’s both a return to a full production sound, and a journey in embracing new ground as an artist and songwriter. The first single, “Wastelands” is set to be released in April 2021.