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I live by a bootleg philosofy, where atmosphere and soul connection in studio and on stage is more important than perfection and equilibrity. Playing on autopilot and making albums to perfection, where poetry dissapear in overrehearsed cords, is not only a vast of money, but also a vaste of my mind. And I am also not clever enough, when I produce my own music. Not either a musician enough to impress or compeat. I am a poet first and foremost, but aometimes the poetry comes with music. Now in caranteen and in exile, I miss all musicians I played with and the skilled and professional producers. Who cared for my music and gave me room to step into my world of words, and liek the messenger I am, sing, scream and mediate what I wrote down! I am not out cold, just yet. I am fighting on and still taking my writing and music as seriously as always. Great to be here, out on a new digital adventure! I would like you to follow me as I slowly continue to upload new songs and songs from my vast archive!