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Axel Wolph is a 1979 in Linz/Austria born singer/songwriter, composer, music producer and media artist. After 16 years of living in Vienna and Los Angeles he is now settled in Aschach at the River Danube, Austria, together with his wife, three sons and two cats. His songs and music got airplay on MTV UK/Europe, VIVA, several TV stations, more than 300 radio stations in the USA and selected stations in Europe. As a producer and musician he has worked with artists such as Conchita Wurst (ORF-E), Sarah and Julian (PIAS), Madita (ORF-E), Heinrich von Handzahm (Bring Me Home) and musicians/producers such as Jonathan ”Butch” Norton (Eels, Lucinda Williams, Fiona Apple,...), Danny Kalb (Ben Harper, Beck), Alex Pohn (Julian le Play, Hubert von Goisern, Lemo, Avec,...), Martin Rotheneder (Soulitaire, Ben Martin, I Am Cereals,...), al. He has written and produced music for films, TV and media. He runs his own recording studio called The Green Meadow Road Studio, loves motorcycling, is a Buddhist and silence-teacher-in-training.