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With James Arthur, the numbers speak for themselves: 30 million records sold worldwide via three albums, including 2016’s Back from the Edge - a UK Number One album that provided the global multi-Platinum selling hit "Say You Won't Let Go". But also with James, the numbers don’t really speak for themselves. Behind every gig, hit, stat, stream, like and share is a hinterland of hard graft, soul searching, song searching, self-doubt, self-discovery and, finally, now, recovery. You can hear as much in new single "Medicine". The very first song in his very first writing session in lockdown, "Medicine" is an uplifting ode to self; to relationships; to connection; and to the healing power of love over adversity. It is, you might say, the perfect song for 2021. At the beginning of 2020, Arthur’s physical and mental health was not in the best place. He knew it was time for an intervention, and then the pandemic hit and the world suddenly stood still. His entire plan disintegrated but he was finally able to think straight and clear his head. James explains – “no matter how much you talk to a therapist there’s nothing more therapeutic than writing music. From day one there was a sound that I wanted to go for, so I’m really proud of where I’ve got to. The music feels honest and mature, and sonically where I want to go as an artist. Also, there’s something really comfortable about working in your own home – I was able to be more vulnerable than ever."