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The Yearlings are an alternative country group that came together in the unlikeliest of places: Utrecht, Holland. Forming in September of 1999, the combination of bassist Herman Gaaff, drummer Leon Geuyen, vocalist Niels Goudswaard, slide guitarist Bertram Mouritis, steel guitarist René van Barneveld, and electric guitarist/vocalist Olaf Koeneman formed out of a similar love of the genre. The band started playing live later that year and immediately began making waves in the local scene. Often playing Amsterdam with similar groups, they managed to play the Ryan Adams afterparty and impressed the singer/songwriter. Their first, self-titled disc was released in 2002 on Sonic Rendezvous. The crititcally acclaimed second album 'Utrecht' (2004) showed a more poppy sound, as if R.E.M. had decided to cut an album. In 2006 the group disbanded, only to re-form 10 years later. Their third album 'Skywriting' was released November 2018 and immediately received exceptional reviews.