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Born William “Bill” McMillan on September 20, 1987, MC known today as Young Truth is a product of the culturally diverse neighborhood of Harlem, NYC. Home to the Apollo, Harlem has been responsible for quite a number of legendary contributors to the music and culture that is the beloved Hip Hop genre. A form of escape from the hard realities outside of his window, Young Truth gravitated to the expressive nature with which some of the favorite MCs delivered. "My list of favorite MCs reads like a study in iconic figure. We're talking The Notorious B.I.G., JAY-Z, Nas, 2Pac and Wu-Tang Clan to name a few. Intrigued by not only their style but their control of the mic, the upstart took to penning his own rhymes while a senior in High School. Putting the pieces together along the way, his brand today stands in a very favorable position as many of the Big Apple's tastemakers have caught wind of potential. Appearing on a selection of dope projects highlighting standout indie artist has only helped with the push of his solo efforts Tunnel Vision (2013), Unwritten (2015) and latest release Groundwork which have received critical acclaim. Performing all over his city at venues like Santos Party House, The Apollo, DROM, and Webster Hall has helped his efforts to building that core fan base. The word is spreading quickly about what the future will hold for Young Truth.