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The Elven Throne of Thorsagon – the Fantasy Musical takes us on a magical adventure of sound to experience with sounds ranging from mystic folk to metal. The main character, Vicky, longs to break out of the routine of her everyday life. An old man recommends a place to her that she should see at all costs – and so Vicky begins an adventure that takes her from the human world, or what’s known as "the other world", deep into the mysterious kingdom – will she be able to save Thorsagon from a dark fate? The mystic folk ensemble Fairytale has put its heart and soul into this exciting foray into the world of musicals and demonstrates exceptional musical flair. Fairytale has already roured as a support group for stars like Moya Brennan or Blackmore’s Night. “We were already toying with the idea of a musical in 2017." says Oliver Oppermann, who wrote the plot for the musical. His band colleague Laura Biastoch (Vicky in the musical), knows a lot about the multifaceted preparation required for the start of the musical: “A musical like this takes up a lot of time. When we’re not touring with the musical in the autumn, we’ll be touring with Fairytale." Berit Coenders (the forest elf Liora) explains: “I think there’s a Vicky in all of us with a longing to discover whether there’s more to life. There’s something of the child in all of us. And that’s wonderful! Our musical brings together worlds, genres and people. And maybe this world isn’t as far away as you think?!”