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Belen was born in a family of musicians. She's renowned for her commitment to popular music such as bossa nova & jazz and is considered as a distinguished artist performing these genres in the local scene. She had the privilege of starting her career in the company of the outstanding bossa nova father Vinicius de Moraes. She has also performed in prestigious stages of Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Barcelona, Montevideo and Buenos Aires, as well as in different provinces of Argentina; also, in Jazz and MPB Festivals. Belen lived in Brazil most of her childhood and youth, then she moved to Spain where she settled for more than six years; there, she took guitar and voice lessons. Back in Buenos Aires, she put together her band with arrangements and musical direction of Leo Alvarez (young Argentinean jazz guitar player, composer & arranger). In 2006, she introduced "Clareza", her first album. "Passagens" came in 2010, is her second record released by Acqua in which she includes some of her own compositions. Her voice colour and the quality of her passionate interpretations was very well received by specialized criticsReviews: Diario CLARIN: "...La elegida de Vinicius.." Diario Bs.As. HERALD:.."su repertorio se aleja de lo habitual....hay buenos arreglos y los temas son interpretados con originalidad y frescura..." Diario LA NACION: "impecable album.."Clareza deja en evidencia el delicioso timbre de Perez Muñiz, y el potente repertorio desde el que transmite buen gusto..."