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1991年5月8日 岩手県花巻市生まれ ピアノ弾き語りソロアーティスト 9歳からピアノを、12歳から作詞作曲を始める。高校2年の冬から地元岩手県の盛岡にて本格的なアーティスト活動を開始。緻密に練り込まれた詞世界と作曲技術は業界内外問わず注目を集め、『ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL』、『FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL』など大型フェスにも多数出演。演奏スタイルはソロからバンドまで 多彩な顔を持ち、ライブハウスやホールを軸に、カフェやクラブ、お寺や重要文化財などでもライブを行い、数々の会場をプレミアムな非日常空間に作り変えてきた。強さも弱さも鋭さも儚さも、全てを内包して疾走するピアノミュージックは聴き手の胸を突き刺さし、唯一無二の爽快な音楽体験を提供する。 Natsuko Nisshoku Born on May 8th , 1991 Born in Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture

Solo artist who plays the piano Started playing the piano at the age of 9 and writing lyrics at the age of 12. In the winter of her second year of high school, she began her career as a full-fledged artist in her hometown of Morioka, Iwate Prefecture. His finely crafted world of lyrics and compositional skills have attracted attention both inside and outside the industry, and he has performed at many large festivals such as "ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL" and "FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL". Her performance style is diverse, from solo to band, and she has transformed numerous venues into premium, extraordinary spaces, performing in live houses and halls, as well as cafes, clubs, temples, and important cultural assets. His piano music, which embraces strength, weakness, sharpness, fragility, and everything in between, pierces the listener's heart and provides a unique and exhilarating musical experience.