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Writer, creative, general good guy... with mild OCD I started writing in my teens, poetry and lyrics, was briefly in a band, wrote some songs, developed prose and wrote numerous short stories and a few novels. Somewhere along the way though, the writing and music was left behind. Move on, thirty-odd years, to my fifth decade on the planet, and the creative impulse has returned. My website then, and my publications, are my panacea for a lengthy bout of writing procrastination. I am writing new and exciting stuff also. Music has also become again a great creative outlet. It gives me a buzz to engage my creativity this way. It is great to be back in the fray again! Have a listen to my instrumental album, 'Chasing the Void', and let me know what you think? Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoyed the experience. Stevie Mach is my pen name, an abridged version of my real name, Stevie McConnachie. In my normal everyday life, I work for the local authority. In my creative life, I do graphic design, write and make music, I live and work in central Scotland, and muddle along, much as most people do.