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26 year old Julia Alfrida is an artist from Stockholm, Sweden who we see have a lot coming her way in the future. 
• Julia participated in Melodifestivalen the 13th of February with her song “Rich”. She explains that the song stands for inner-wealth, self-worth & diversity. • Her career kicked off real good as she released her first single ”HER” summer 2019, which then led to her doing a guest appearance on Swedish national television to talk about the LGBTQIA+ message of the song. This then led to her performing live at Sthlm Pride, Copenhagen Pride among other great locations. • In February 2020 she released her debut EP ”EPISODE23”, with even more honest and raw material that hit us all close to home. • Julia Alfrida about her music: “Many of the songs I write reflect the dark and light sides of me growing up to become the person I am today. ~ I believe growing up as an LGBTQ-person & being highly sensitive has been a major reason for my mental health struggles. But it has also shown me many upsides like ability to feel, put things in perspective and express myself creatively for example. It has given me a rich emotional life and for that I’m grateful.”