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Inspired by her own transformation and sudden plunge into another world, she gave herself entirely until her heart burst. She picked up the pieces and rebuilt herself, over and over. She continues to turn the other cheek. Her songs aren’t sad. They are more of a soul-searching journey with evident depth derived from both relatable life experiences and a learned mind. With her force-of-nature vocals, Karolina Rose is dark daydream art pop made out of fine poetic prose mixed with emotive, feminine power. "an arrangement that takes the orchestral majesty of Within Temptation and marries it to a more personal, intimate vocal that puts us in mind of Kate Bush at her most reflective." - AnalogueTrash "Karolina Rose takes cues from the pulsing synths of Depeche Mode, the lush vocal stylings of Florence + The Machine, and the wry, sociopolitical commentary of the Pet Shop Boys. It is evident that her European adventures and Polish-American roots have made a mark on her unique sound.

This is clever pop crafted through the sharp observations of a world citizen." - Downtown Magazine "Karolina Rose has been building a reputation for her full-bodied take on indie and electro..Explore the fantasy world she creates" - AnalogueTrash "Greytopia is the first hit from the singer's upcoming EP and definitely creates a feeling that you want to hear more" - Pop Muzik "big, sounding atmospheric track full of synth waves, god-like vocal range, and a strong story" - Eat This Music