The Naddiks


  1. 1.
    Heart of Fire
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    RagTop - Yosef Flumeri Remix - Josef Flumeri
  3. 3.
    Merry Go Round - Yosef Flumeri Remix
  4. 4.
    Go Slow
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Kurt from The Naddiks moved to Melbourne, Australia from Canberra and recreated The Naddiks with the help of Band Express recording studio.
Joel & Nick left the band in 2016 officially.
And so here we are. The Naddiks are about to release two singles back-to-back in November/December 2018, one from the old lineup and one from the new.
There’s really no escaping comparison when you make such significant changes, with back-to-back releases…you have to assume that they are that they’re ready for this new chapter to begin…one way or the other.
What gets tough is walking that fine line between understanding evolution and not disrespecting what someone has brought to a band in its early stages. Joel added to their music; at times, no doubt a great fit, at others, the dude kind of brought a little weirdness & wildness to their sound.
'Starting November 2nd when they release “Let Go” they enter the court of public opinion…and in my opinion, they can hold their heads up high based on what they’ve achieved in the early years, be proud of that, and collectively be stoked that the band lives on through its new form. They’ll be back again in the court of public opinion right around the corner on December 2nd when The Naddiks release their brand-new single/sound/singer on “Dolly Rocker.” And in many ways, we’ve got a switch so dramatically noticeable between these two songs it’s like the difference between listening to Nirvana’s Bleach and Nevermind…'


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