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Spin-kicking onto the music scene with her 2019 debut solo single “Barabbas,” Tamika Lawrence introduces her unique blend of theatrical storytelling with haunting elements of rock, hip-hop, and vibe. In 2017 as her former band Tamika & The Slay was falling apart, Tamika wrote “Barabbas,” lamenting her frustrations and burning desire to be a world-class rock star. “Barabbas" spawned a conversation Tamika began to have with herself; how to marry one's spiritual self with worldly desires. Tamika's upcoming EP “Two Faced” is the culmination of that deeply personal exploration into her often conflicting sides; one, which resonates on a higher spiritual level, and the other hedonistic and all consuming. A possessive narrative and true conceptual art piece, “Two Faced” is a hot-blooded rock-vibe for a new generation.

Written by Tamika and produced by Gabe Cummins, the album is a musical fencing match of urban hard rock, a nod to black rock’s forefathers, Detroit’s death, Betty Davis and Jack White, Alabama Shakes, and the deep inquisitive style of Frank Ocean. Tamika’s live shows are a blend of spitting fire vocals and theatrics. As a two time Grammy Award winning singer, Tamika’s career has included roles in film and tv shows, hit Broadway productions, and cast albums for "Dear Evan Hansen" and "The Greatest Showman."