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"Forging these elements into a cohesive whole is impressive to behold, but where No Moon intoxicates most is its malevolent streak thanks to the surgically precise, arrhythmic riffs that underpin the record. These moments never fail to elicit a giddy grin and inescapable need to tap along, but don’t expect to stay in time." 9/10 - Long Live Vinyl. "No Moon is nothing short of mesmerising and is the blockbusting prog-rock record we truly deserve." Ben Forrester, Birthday Cake For Breakfast. "Body Hound was, and is (and will be?), a band that speaks a new language through the collage of old wares" Nikk Hunter, Fecking Bahamas. "All in all, No Moon is a brutal and bold must-hear- Body Hound have created a heroic and commendable record. Bound to be album of the year!" Naomi Preece, Circuit Sweet. credits released September 20, 2019 Calvin Rhodes - Guitar Joseph Nicholson - Guitar Ryan Bright - Drums Joseph Thorpe - Bass