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Modern Metal from Germany! The darkest hours make us what we are. We all have this voice inside our head, our very own enemy, keeping us from following our dreams. Sometimes we need to forget the past and start over. Like a Phoenix, we will rise from the flames. We will set the sky on fire. The heat will vaporize our tears and burn our scars to dust. It is always darkest before the dawn. We are the masters of our minds. We are the ENEMY INSIDE. Nastassja Giulia - Vocals Evan K - Lead Guitars Dave Hadarik - Rhythm Guitars Dominik Stotzem - Bass Feli Keith - Drums NEW SINGLE "RELEASE ME" OUT ON MAY 21st: After two powerful singles "Crystallize" & "Alien", German modern metalers Enemy Inside return with another banger, showing what to expect from their new album which will be out in August 2021. The band strikes again with unique modern female vocals, a catchy hookline and heavy low tuned guitars. „RELEASE ME“ is a song about self hatred and inwardly turned WRATH and the longing to be released from this feeling to find inner peace. „It’s about being restlessly hard on yourself and no matter what you do and how much you improve, you will never be as perfect as you wish, because perfection is an illusion“ the front woman Nastassja Giulia quotes. „Release me, come and cleanse away my impurity“.