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Composer and pianist Kimiko Ishizaka is the first of three child prodigies born to German-Japanese parents in Bonn, Germany. Ishizaka was a distinguished child soloist and chamber performer, especially in the context of the Ishizaka Trio, which consisted of her and her younger brothers (violin, cello). Her Bach projects are legendary for their clairty, expression, and deep love for the music. As a composer, Ishizaka is exploring the crossroads between classical and jazz music, pulling influences from Bach, Blues, and Bebop. "a gifted and obviously devoted Bachian” – James R. Oestreich, New York Times “Ishizaka's interpretation is characterised by straightforward musicianship, immaculate technical aplomb, and a warm, beautifully modulated sonority. Counterpoint passes back and forth between the hands in a conversational and judiciously balanced manner, while a strong lyrical impulse informs the cross-handed variations' rapid, bravura passages.” – Jed Distler, Gramophone Magazine "Yet in all the years, all the versions, I have never heard 'Book 1' done better than on the new recording by pianist Kimiko Ishizaka" -- Grego Applegate Edwards