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Beautiful, raw, inspiring and heartfelt, are some of the words used to describe Abby Feferman's inimitable fusion of smooth pop, rock, and folk melodies, and powerful lyrics that have captivated many listeners. Born and raised in Skokie, Illinois, Abby Feferman began writing her own songs at age seven, and bought her first guitar at age twelve. As a child, she listened to and was inspired by pop and rock music from the 1960’s and 1970’s. A diversity of artists, including Carole King, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, and James Taylor helped ignite Abby’s passion for music and continue to inspire her today. During her teenage and college years, Abby studied guitar and voice one-on-one with local instructors, and spent two years at the highly-regarded Old Town School of Folk Music. In 2010, Abby released her first single, “Inside Out.” Fans described the song as "beautiful" and noted the "lovely depth" of her music. In 2012, Abby began recording at Chicago’s Mystery Street Recording Company. Her first EP, Blur, recorded and co-produced with Mystery Street studio owner Joe Tessone, was greeted with excitement by fans. Listeners described Abby’s vocals as “inspiring” and “heartfelt.” In 2015, she began recording with well-known Gravity Studios in Chicago. There she worked with much of their notable team, including music producer and recording & mixing engineer Doug McBride and music producer and recording & mixing engineer Dan Farnsworth. Her new EP, Dear One, was released in 2016.