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Calvin Rainwater is an Arizona born and bred country music artist – singing, writing, and performing is what he does best. Drawn to music his whole life – “it’s just part of who I am” – Calvin’s rich, gruff voice lends itself perfectly to his rootsy brand of country. A true storyteller, you can’t help but get swept up in the narrative of each track on his EP, ‘Sinners and Saints’. It’s full of country goodness, a collection of excellent musicianship and lyricism. Calvin’s fans are everything to him – he credits them as his inspiration above all else. “In the end we all become stories, I want mine to be interesting,” he says. This country artist is sure on a journey to make his so. Calvin's

Favorite Music is; Waylon JenningsJamey JohnsonThis Is Cody JinksKeith WhitleyMerle Haggard