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Sandra lives in Calgary and enjoys the rich cultural life of the city. She is a well known local singer songwriter and has performed at many different venues both in Calgary and western Canada. Sandra sings, writes and plays in a variety of styles including Country, Jazz and Rock. She currently performs with a five piece country folk band named “Prairie JuSTuS” which plays throughout the province. Sandra is inspired by her Indigenous heritage and has been active in the arts, particularly music for many years. This love of culture was expressed several years ago in the release of a short album of original songs entitled “Peaceful Nation.” Sandra also plays piano, saxophone and guitar. Sandra’s strengths lie in her distinctive voice and her abilities as a songwriter; she strives to encompass harsh emotional and physical realities within the body of her work. “There’s no awful babykin fluff in Sutter’s lyrics. On the contrary, her songs deal with the issues of social importance and existentialist leanings, channeled through a woman’s eyes and mind” – Brad Simm of Vox (Music Publication). Sandra has had over 25 years experience in performing professionally (including her own songs) with a number and variety of bands and projects.