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BUG MARTIN is a storyteller. Born in the basement of New Jersey, Bug is a singer-songwriter who explores inner space to create moody, twangy alt-music conscious of americana, blues, roots, and folk. Bug's tunes evoke existential and confessional themes, often with tongue planted firmly in cheek. After spending several years germinating in Baltimore's bizarre arts scene where Bug wrote and recorded several self-released albums and EPs, a course has been set northbound once more to a new homestead in Philadelphia. The new GUTTERBALL, travels cross-genre relaying tales of hapless love and drunken wisdom stumbled upon along the way. > 2020: From yonder in Pennsylvania comes BUG MARTIN & CO. with a new batch of tunes fixing to rile you up and set your soul to wander. Flanked by veterans of the PA folk scene DAN MULLIGAN and RENEE ‘RAY’ DREZNER, this album rings with shimmering pedal steel, harmonies warm as a campfire, and that old grinnin’ wit sung through the nose by the Philly Hillbilly himself. For fans longing for the days of the vintage country sound floating through the jukebox dive, old-time singing circles, and boot-stomping bluegrass chops, “ALL THAT IS AND WHAT AIN’T” has it in spades. For times high or lonesome, give this one a spin and know you’ve got a pal in BUG MARTIN &CO.