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Crecí en Argentina y después de dar vueltas por el mundo vine a parar a California. Les canto estas canciones donde fusiono las influencias musicales de mi Argentina natal, el jazz, el pop contemporáneo y los ritmos afro latinoamericanos que me inspiran a darle sabor a mis historias. En estas grabaciones me acompañan músicos del sur y del norte del continente americano: Juan Pablo Lazo, Juan Pedro Estanga, Ron Kobayashi, Sam Montooth, Isaac Sanchez, Daniel Maza, Bil Hartel y otros ángeles más. Laura S. Valle is an Argentinean singer-songwriter based in Southern California. Utilizing compositional inspiration from Jazz, Latin Jazz, Pop, Bossa Nova, and other contemporary styles, she creates an eclectic fusion of international sounds. With the success of her debut album, PERLAS, which was rooted in South American influences, her second release CHARISMATIC proves to be as inspired, as she employs a stronger jazz and pop orientation. She is also an acomplished vocal and music instructor with a degree from the Music Academy of Basel, Switzerland.