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    Hold Tight
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    Hard to Forget
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    Change of Heart
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    50 + 1
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Hi! :) We’re Ida & Elina. We’ve been best friends since we were 10 & Elina lured me into eating a handful of chili flakes but I survived & decided that I liked her anyway.
We both wanted to be Taylor Swift which we at the time didn’t know was impossible, but after a while we started writing our own songs & found out that when we sang together, we made each other the best versions of ourselves. So we started Isle of You & since that day, we make music inspired by our first highschool parties, the road trips we did risking our lives since we’re both terrible drivers & the music we sang (read screamed) on the midnight streets when we moved to Stockholm and felt immortal.
By the age of 18, we ended up in a Colombian prison, but not in a bad way. We were on a visit & sang our girly songs for former members of the cartel. They loved it & offered us marriage & a record deal. No, just kidding (or not really) but they did give us a new perspective of life & a realisation that our friendship is the reason why we always nearly kill ourselves but also help each other grow & push ourselves beyond our limits. We wrote that down our song Bodyguard which Sia found & added to Team Sia's Ear Candy <3.
Right now we’re 23, trying to figure out life & we combine that with our endless love for 80’s synthesizers. The result is what you hear on this Spotify page. We hope you can use this music in times of heartbreak, happiness, dangerous road trips, together with your best friend or all alone.


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