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Gunshot Blue is the culmination of thousands of hours of dedication to craft, a fermentation of many uniquely different, yet strangely familiar stories, distilled, steeped and soaked in folklore and tradition. A mysterious and hypnotic blend of the gentle, psychedelic-infused blues that occasionally meets the explosive high energy, electricity of rock and roll head on. The band was forged on the road, playing almost every bar, restaurant, hotel, museum, backpackers, lounge, fundraiser, birthday party, park, holiday resort, barber shop, biker rally, music festival and even a prison. Gunshot Blue is not just a spirited live performance. Gunshot Blue is a rousing psychoactive baptism. The debut EP “12 396km” saw release November 2014. January 2019 will see the debut of their first full-length album “Until the last prayer” which is out through Gallo.