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Kitten Forever is a Minneapolis-based drums and bass trio. Their distinctly danceable and minimalist punk rock is infused with pop sensibilities and a streamlined, energetic performance where Laura Larson, Corrie Harrigan, and Liz Elton switch instruments seamlessly throughout their live shows as well as in their recorded work. This democratic approach to performing and songwriting gives the band a unified front, deconstructing traditional stage hierarchy. Kitten Forever's resume includes touring with Babes in Toyland, opening for Jack Off Jill's sole U.S. reunion show, and headlining the First Avenue Mainroom for their 10 year birthday party. In 2016, they released their third full-length album "7 Hearts" on JD Samson’s (Le Tigre, MEN) label Atlas Chair. Kitten Forever's fuzzed out, caustic, party punk is inspired by equal parts friendship and feminism, using a stripped down aesthetic to showcase big emotions. A band of bratty banshee best friends, Kitten Forever believes in each other, pets, magic, and you.