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Tigge Larsson (his real name is actually Tiago) born in Sweden, Vasteras in December 2006 originally started his music career in 2015 on other sources such as Youtube. Tiago at that time wasn’t a “big” artist, he is still not big and will probably never be in the near future either if it’s going to keep the same pace as it’s going right now. On YouTube he uploaded the song "Eat your face” 2015. It got like 140 views and wasn’t that good either. 
 2018 Tiago began to get better at DJ:ing in his songs and came with the song Early Days. That song is also private but was re-uploaded on April 4th 2020 on his new album Storm. Early Days was one of Tiago´s best song that he had done. He was really proud. If you compare the song Early Days

to his first song Eat your face, Eat your face would sound shit. Tiago didn’t even know how to MIDI back then. Early Days got 1540 views but he didn’t gain any subscribers from it. They probably thought it was shit. Later in late 2019 he uploaded some music on Spotify and uploaded his music on a lot of other sources. Tiago´s debuting song on spotify Over The Hill released 2019 didn’t grab up much attention at all, his second song called Younger did not grab up more attention than Younger. 5 months later in early 2020 Tiago released first album on Spotify with the album titled Storm. Storm