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"Known by his stage name, Vanfire, was born on February 22, 1989 by the name of Jovanni Basilisco is a Visayan Filipino DJ, record producer, and musician. He is a native of Manga, Alcantara, Cebu. At a mature age, Basilisco started making music. He discovered his love for music by trying to tweak viral and popular songs at the start of his music career. Eventually, In 2015, Basilisco’s release of his remix of the song “Dessert” earned popularity in social media and later was supported by Dawin himself which had 300,000+ views on Youtube alone. Also on the succeeding months of the same year, Basilisco dropped his version of OMI’s “Cheerleader” which earned him 500,000+ views. Basilisco earned more recognition in the international music scene when his remixes were played at big events and festivals such as Holi Festival (India) and The Prince of Wales Nightclub (London, UK) as well as on the international radio stations overseas, such as Virgin Radio (Montreal, Canada). Vanfire’s music continues to evolve alongside the change of times. As he started with mainstream EDM’s subgenres like Melbourne Bounce and Big Room House. Now, Vanfire, also shows his versatility as he adds in his list of specialties another subgenre in EDM called Funky Mix which is a huge part in the Indonesian EDM scene."