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 “Son of Stone” (SoS) delivering heart honest rock music version 2.0 as a way to get back in life again, fueled but scared by broken relationships, working too much, and personal tragedies. SoS gets his inspiration from music that he grew up with like; Foo Fighters, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Metallica, Green Day etc. SoS is a "silicon valley tech guy” (worked at/with companies such as Microsoft, Nokia, Amazon, Google etc.) that’s been part of making tech that billions of people use every day in their phones, computers, headphones etc. The story behind the name "Son of Stone" is that SoS dad is named Stone.
 - "My songs are about my lessons in life, broken relationships, working too much, feeling really down and getting back up again. I never planned to release any of my songs, since I've written them 'just for me', but things change. It's simple, genuine, and honest music directly from my heart, and hopefully into yours ..."
 "Son of Stone" has released 7 albums; 1. Live a life worth dying for (2019 - Nov) 2. Back from the dead (2020 - Feb) 3. From dark to light (2020 - May) 4. Darker than black (Until death do me part) (2020 - Oct) 5. ExPlicit (2021 - Jan) 6. UnCover (2021 - Feb) 7. Reboot (2021 - May) 
 Upcoming Albums in 2021: 8. TBA (2021 - Sep) 9. TBA (2022 - Jan)