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    People Like You And Me - Live at Fort Worth Sound - Shake Music TV
With his versatile vocal range and ability to connect with an audience, Trey Rose has quickly become a sought-after artist at venues across the southern states.
When it comes to musicians, there is a difference between an artist performing a song and one who connects with a room full of strangers through music; Rose is the latter.
When Rose steps behind a microphone he is a force to be reckoned with, delivering a soulful, yet southern rock tune that captivates audiences young and old.
Born in Hugo, Oklahoma, he was drawn to music from a young age after hearing a Matchbox Twenty song on the way home from school one day that made him think, ‘I want to do that’.
However, it wasn’t the “glitz and glam” of being an artist that Rose became obsessed with but the fact that music could impact someone in such a big way.
“Music is the only thing I’ve found that can connect a room of complete strangers. It doesn’t matter what everyone has going on in their lives, where they came from, or who they are, in that moment the right song can make you forget about all that for a while.”
But don’t let his small-town roots fool you, Rose is anything but “just another country artist”.
Considering himself an eclectic artist, Rose never wanted to be pigeonholed to one genre but instead just connect with audiences through his own sound.
While Rose may be considered a veteran in the music world, his career is just beginning.


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