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“Debaucherous" - FLAUNT “An exquisite juxtaposition between the melancholy lyrics and the carefree composition.” - EARMILK “Shimmering with an '80s rock veneer.” - VARIANCE “Sweltering electro-pop... Synth leads evocative of 80s new wave paired with contemporary, progressive songwriting” - THE DELI MAG “Warm and soulful vocals, dream-like synths, and glossy drum beats that manage to keep you grounded.” - WILD HONEY PIE "Local Nomad’s wickedly drenched tones infuse the lyrics with shadowy, portentous flavors, as if he’s caught up in some alternate universe where life resembles a series of surreal petit mal seizures.” - TATTOO MAG “[Local Nomad's] groove is irresistible... sweeping and airy synths float to the top where they converge with the lyrics, creating an aural treat... seemingly genre-less.” - PANCAKES AND WHISKEY "[Local Nomad] masks his melancholia with new wave synths and a catchy falsetto hooks" - UNDER THE RADAR MAG "“Compelling and surprising....With the beat, sunny harmonies, and fluttering synths, you find yourself thrown back into a summer from years ago, tinged with nostalgia and regret” - IMPERFECT FIFTH